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Spring Steam at the Baltic Sea

2. - 5. May 2019

Germany: Spring Steam at the Baltic Sea

Meanwhile we offer this tour to the classic ex-DR narrow gauge railways to the Baltic Sea for the third time in a row. This time we have again added several "delicacies" to the previous tours in the program, so that the trip is also worthwhile for "repeat offenders".

Travel with us on four full photo days on the "small railways" on the Baltic Sea with authentic DR photo trains, labeled in Era III and IV of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. We travel on all four days with different train compositions and offer you night shots at Molli and on Rügen and a "Bad Doberan Special" at Molli.

Optionally we let our Tanago tour bus drive again from / to Berlin main station or to the airport Tegel, this brings you from there to Rügen or Kühlungsborn West. You can also book hotel accommodation with us.

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No. of participants min 20
Duration 4 days
Accommodation / Meals optional
Price from 380 Euro
Open for bookings Confirmed. Tickets left
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This year we have put our almost traditional Baltic steam tour into the best photo time. Certainly the trees and flowers are already blooming along the narrow-gauge tracks and the weather shows from its sunny side.

On Thursday, May 2, 2019 we start our photo tour on Rügen with 99 4652 as "train in the style of the northern line" both as passenger train and a mixed train. We drive along the entire route on the three-rail track to Lauterbach (Rügen). In the evening we offer night shots at the locomotive shed in Putbus before we show you the Tanago 2018 review at the Hafenhotel in Lauterbach.

On Friday, May 3, 2019 99 4632-8 covered a mixed train, consisting of several freight wagons, as well as four-axle DR passenger coaches between Putbus and Garftitz. Included are morning shots at Seelvitz and our usual Garftitz detour. Afterwards we drive to Heiligendamm, from where we will start the last two days of the tour.

On Saturday, May 4, 2019, we will be tensioning 99 331 (in Era III signage) in front of the five-car freight train of the Mecklen-Burgische Bäderbahn Molli. Already for our Tour 2018 the second section of the telegraph line was rebuilt, so that we can offer several "new" photo places to the already existing ones. In the evening we offer night shots of the "blue hour" at the engine shed in Kühlungsbron West.

The highlight of this year's Baltic steam tour is Sunday, when we start our Bad Doberan Special early in the morning. 99 2321 (with Era IV signs) will take a train with 4 Reko passenger cars, an old passenger wagon and a luggage car (Reko-Wagen) through Bad Doberan, which is still empty of cars and people, so that you come to pictures which are not possible in everyday traffic. Let us surprise you with what we have prepared for you on this day. Afterwards we will (and we hope for some rape blossom) take some atmospheric photos on the cliffs before we will finish the 4-day Baltic Sea tour in the early afternoon.

For the overnight stay we arrange hotels or guesthouses in Kühlungsborn or Putbus. We also offer a transfer from / to Berlin with the Tanago tour bus.

All participants ride on the train, on the transfer lines we "decorate" our train with orange warning vests. Because "non-payers" are undesirable on our photo trips. Honest payers make such projects possible with their participation fee and thus the preservation of the narrow-gauge railways.

Travel price:

380 Euro per person when booking two days at "Molli".

380 Euro per person when booking two days on Rügen.

720 Euro per person when booking all four days.

Our services:

  • Special trains on the "Molli" and the "Rasender Roland";
  • Night shots in Kühlungsborn and Putbus;
  • Meals (self-pay) as indicated;
  • Expert and experienced Tanago tour guide (German + English speaking) plus local guide.
  • Not included in the price are tips, alcoholic drinks, food, personal expenses, travel to and from the cable cars.

In addition to the photo tour we offer the following transfers and overnight stays (please book soon, we have only a limited number of rooms):

1st transfer Berlin main station / airport Tegel - Putbus Kühlungsbornn- Berlin. Departure from Berlin on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at about 2 pm, return to Berlin on Sunday evening at about 8 pm. Plus 2 nights in a single room with breakfast in Kühlungsborn and 2 nights in a single room with breakfast in Putbus for the complete price of 480 Euro.

2. only the transfer in the Tanago Minibus from Putbus to Kühlungsborn (on Friday evening) for 75 Euro.

Please note our extensive insurance options: Tanago cooperates with HanseMerkur Insurance. Tanago offers inexpensive protection against illness, loss of valuables, travel cancellation or travel cancellation costs.

The booking deadline is December 15, 2018.


The detailed documents will be sent to the participants approx. 6 weeks before the start of the tour.