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Schöneweide depot:
8th erotic photo shoot

Saturday, 27. Juli 2019

Germany: 8. erotic photo shooting at the Bw Schöneweide

After our shootings in Chemnitz- Hilbersdorf, the depot Wittenberge and the depot Arnstadt, we decided to offer an erotic photo shoot in Berlin in the depot Schöneweide in 2019. The location is interesting and offers many new motives, which have to be realized accordingly.

On this day we will present five attractive photo models with locomotives, workshop and other railway details. We illuminate some scenes with our professional light equipment, also our fog machines are used.

We organize several setups. Work individually or under guidance. Each group works with each model for 1 hour, then the models change to the next group. Between the shootings we take a break. So you can set the scene for 5 different, professional models for 1 hour each in a small group (3 photographers each).

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No. of participants Max. 15
Duration 1 day
Meals arranged, own cost
Price 260 €
Open for bookings Open for bookings.
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On Saturday, July 27, 2019, we will organize an erotic photo shooting at the depot Schöneweide, and will put 5 attractive young ladies (all professional photo models, in lingerie or erotic in railway clothing) in the right light. The historic railway depot houses a remarkable collection of historic steam and diesel locomotives in its locomotive shed. They offer many possibilities and inspirations for successful photos. Other interesting locations include the turntable, the workshops of the railway depot and the outdoor facilities.

We commit max. 5 professional photo models, which are available to the participants in the time of 9.00 - 17:30 o'clock for lingerie, fashion and part act photographs. We are currently clarifying the commitments on the part of the models:

Modell Polina Volodina

Polina Volodina

Modell Romy


Modell Locke


Modell Astoria



The number of photographers is limited to 15 ! So we form 5 groups of 3 photographers, so each photographer can photograph 5 different models during the shooting.

We make sure that different locomotives are pulled out of the shed and put in the right light. Further locomotives are accessible through the open shed gates or in the locomotive shed and are additionally illuminated by us.

The unique layout of the locomotive shed ensures that the event can be held even under adverse weather conditions, which are unlikely in summer: Large windows and open gates also ensure the best lighting conditions in the hall.

There will be no public traffic during the shooting.

Participants will have the opportunity to work with one model for 60 minutes each (5 x 60 minutes plus breaks).

Changes possible !

from 8 a.m. admission to the depot Schöneweide

9:30 a.m. Start of work in groups of about 3 photographers and one model each; exchange in the groups and exchange of models according to schedule.

13:00 Lunch break, snack and drinks organized by the organizer (self-payer).

14:00 Continuation of the shootings.

18:00 h End of the event.


The complete event costs 260 EUR per participant.

The organizer will take care of the models' and photographers' meals (coffee, lunch, based on self-payers).

The depot Schöneweide is easily accessible by public transport.

Please book early, we pay attention to photo quality and will only go to the depot in Schönweide with a maximum of 15 photographers!

Please bring the railway equipment you will need for your shooting. We have a lot of equipment with us, but more is better than too little.

Each participant receives a shooting contract, which allows the purely private (not commercial) use of the photos, e.g. for photo competitions, exhibitions, own homepage etc.. Further image rights can be agreed with the models at any time.