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Czech Republic:
Diesel Power II

6. - 9. June 2019

Czech Republic: Diesel Power II

Our diesel tours through the Czech Republic continue to enjoy great popularity. This time we have put our 4-day program around Brno, there are still attractive routes with form signals (which will fall after the tour), on the other hand we have selected 4 interesting Czech vehicles, which are stationed there and which let expect a great tour and corresponding photo yield.

Dieselpower II" uses a Bardotka with a freight train, the M262.018 "sewing machine", the M 286 "crocodile" and Classic diesel locomotive 750 with a freight train.

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No. of participants max 26
Duration 4 days
Accommodation / Meals -
Price appr. 1100 Euro
Open for bookings Open for bookings.
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At the moment, the programme is still in the detailed planning stage, we are requesting routes and negotiating locomotive and railcar operations. The plan - this time the starting point is Brno- looks like this:

Day 1: We start our tour with classic diesel locomotive 750 and a freight train.

Day 2: Today the "crocodile" M 286 - three-part - is used for our photo group.

Day 3: Around Brno we travel on the Bardotka 749 and a freight train, selected, scenically interesting routes.

Day 4: The M 262.018 pre-series sewing machine is certainly the crowning glory of this tour today.

With this event (with a maximum of 26 participants) we only appeal to photographers (this time exceptionally no videographers) who want to experience and photograph the classic diesel vehicles of the Czech State Railways on a professionally organised photo trip.

We offer a selection of photos and scenes so that you are guaranteed to get "your" picture of the various diesel vehicles. We are known for organizing our photo stops in such a way that every participant in a good position can take his picture without pushing, if necessary, we also make a photo stop several times.

All participants ride on the train, on the transfer lines we "decorate" our train with orange warning vests. Because "non-payers" are undesirable on our photo trips. Only honest payers make such projects and events possible with their participation fee.

The tours prices:

approximateley 1100 Euro for the charter, not hotel, no meals, not transfers included.


All participants travel by train, during transfers we enhance the look of our railcars and locomotives by adding orange high vis-vests. Only honest and paying participants support the preservation of the historic traction.