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Modern Traction

20. - 28. April 2019

China: Modern Traction

An affordable tour featuring the modern diesel and electric trains in China. We will photograph along the Beijing main lines and will go to some of the famous railfanning spots around Beijing.

We then motor to the well-known JiTong railway and its Jingpeng summit to take pictures of the heavy diesel-hauled trains on that spectacular line!

Additionally we offer sightseeing options while staying in Beijing!

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No. of participants Min. 8 - max. 24
Duration 9 days
Meals breakfast
Price from 1.990 €
Open for bookings Open for bookings
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This is the tour itinerary:

20. April 2019, Saturday:
All participants meet at the Beijing international airport in the morning, we then take our bus to the non-electrified line towards Chengde and the Beijing-avoiding-freight-lines, where heavy coal trains with lots of single or double-locomotives provide a constant flow of traffic!

Meals: -.
Accommodation at a Beijing tourist class hotel.

Your departure from Europe will be on Sunday, please contact us for the best travel options!

21. April 2019, Sunday:
We start our activities today with the clasic view Great Wall and train” and wil lspend the ret of the day in the mountain region north-west of Beijing. Most trains going from the north-East to anywhere in the West will have to pass through here. The old” lines wind their way through the river valley, while the new” lines have been pushed straight through the mountains. ustrecken geradeaus durch die Bergmassive gesprengt wurden.

Meals: breakfast.
Accommodation at a Beijing tourist class hotel.

Tourist option: full day (8 hours) excursion to the Great Wall at Mutianyu or Badaling and visit to the Ming graves.

22. April 2019, Monday:
After breakfast we spend some time near the Beijing main station that is served by all kind of motive power: from classic DF4 diesels to the mighty DF8 diesel double-locomotives, lots of electric staff plus the highspeed trains.

Meals: breakfast.
Accommodation at a Beijing tourist class hotel.

Tourist option: visit of the Tienanmen-square and the Forbidden City (half day excursion of 4 hours).

23. April 2019, Thuesday:
The small station of Luopoling is a railfanning hotspot: not only because of the high number of passenger and freight trains passing through, but also because of its location with a small river/lake, two bridges, and mountains all around that place.
Local shuntings add more flavour.

Meals: breakfast.
Accommodation at a Beijing tourist class hotel.

24. April 2019, Wednesday:
Our main spot today, the rock formations at Shidu, require a bit more driving out of town. The frequency of trains is not that high as yesterday but the observation hill above the scene offers a perfect view on the non-electrified single line with its HXN5-diesels.

Meals: breakfast.
Accommodation at a Beijing tourist class hotel.

Tourist option: Summer palace, Temple of Heaven, Bird´s nest (full day with 7 hours).

25. April 2019, Thursday:
After breakfast we board the express to Chifeng at Changping station. We have booked 1st class compartments. It take until 21:00 to reach Chifeng, we will check-in to our hotel at Chifeng straight after arrival in town.

Meals: breakfast and dinner.
Accommodation at a tourist class hotel.

26. April 2019, Friday:
We motor to the JiTong railway this morning and spend the rest of the day photographing the regular diesel hauled freight and passenger trains.
We will also visit the Daban diesel shed, the biggest and most important one along the line. Beside the regular diesel locomotive you will also find several plinthed QJ-steam locomotives there.

Meals: breakfast and dinner.
Accommodation at a Reshui tourist class hotel.

27. April 2019, Saturday:
We spend another day along the famous horseshoe-cruves, the steep gradients and many tunnels between Reshui and Jingpeng. The line can be very busy and sees a good variety of coal, oil, container, and mixed trains as well as passenger services.

Meals: breakfast and dinner.
Accommodation at a Reshui tourist class hotel.

28. April 2019, Sunday:
Our final goal today is the on-time arrival at the Chifeng airport to catch our flight to Beijing tonight at 22:00 (flights are not included in the tour price), but before we get there, we will chase more trains on the JiTong line!
Evening flight to Beijing and continuation of your journey home the same night, arrival in Europe on Wednesday morning.

Meals: breakfast and dinner.

1.990 Euro sharing a double room
380 Euro single room surcharge

This tour needs 8 participants minimum, please book until 31. December 2018!

The tour prices includes these services:

  • Train photography according to the itinerary;
  • All transfers needed during the tour;
  • Visit of the Daban diesel depot;
  • 8 nights in tourist class hotels and meals as described above;
  • Tanago tour brochure;
  • Tanago tour manager (German/English speaking) and local guides.

Not included in the tour price are international and domestic flights, all personal expenditures like phone calls, laundry, minibar, etc), visa fees, tips.

Tourist options:
all tourist options can be booked independendly from the railfanning itinerary but we need your booking for those options latest by 31. December 2018!

  • We are offering these tourist options for you:
  • Full day excursion to the Great Wall at Badaling or Mutianyu and visit of the Ming graves, including lunch at a local restaurant and entry-fees: 160 € p.p.
  • Tienanmen-square and Forbidden City (4 hours): 90 € p.p.
  • Summer palace, Temple of Heaven, Bird´s nest, a 7 hrs tour including lunch at a local restaurant and entry-fees: 110 € p.p.

English speaking guides and a modern car/bus with driver for all options.


Most flights from Europe to China arrive at Beijing the following day, the return flight of our tour are based on Air China´s current schedule with night-flights from Beijing to many European destinations.

On this tour we will leave the hotel early but mostly after breakfast at the hotel. During our Beijing days we have booked breakfast only, at Reshui and Chifeng we will spoil ourselves with breakfast and a sumptuous dinner. Chinese food will surely look and taste differently than at your local Chinese restaurant around the corner.

Our hotels offer a fair tourist class standard with shower and private facilities. You may experience laws and standards that might not be the same as you are used to at home, sanitary installation or electric wiring do not follow strict North-American or European regulations. An open yet cautious mind and a flexible approach can help your enjoyment of the experience.

While this tour has been professionally prepared and we are sure to offer you the best value for money, we neither control the railway operations, nor the availability of the locomotive fleet. Things may change, even on the day, and we may have to adapt our itinerary to the latest change, if they should happen.

The standard of our chartered transportation represents the local levels in most cases. Road traffic follows only one rule: the jungle law. Respect, care or consideration may exist as expressions in the Chinese language but you will find nothing like this on the road! Thus be careful wherever you are, do not rely on your Western standards and be vigilant and cautious! Insurances offer a wide product range of travel insurances and they will surely meet your needs.

Our land-arrangement is based on an "all-inclusive"-idea where everything has been pre-arranged for you and you do not have to worry about items like local transport.

China´s rural areas are a totally safe place to visit, all the usual pre-caution has to be applied for a big city like Beijing with lots of tourists. Leave your valuables at home or put them in the hotel safe, do not venture around alone at night. Please follow the instructions given by the tour managers or local guides.

Temperatures and technical stuff:
The temperature should be the same as we are used to in Central Western Europe but there is always a possibility of rain. A light weatherproof jacket is recommended. The sun may shine more intensively and you need to care about that. We will spend most of our time walking along the railway track, sturdy shoes are a must on this trip.
The Jingpeng summit is famous for its partly strong winds.
Please leave clothes in bright colours at home.

An adapter for your electric appliances is needed. Mobile phone coverage is excellent.

Tourist visas are needed to enter China, please the concerned embassy/consulate to inquire about the detailed conditions to enter the country.

Enjoy the great scenery!