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Tanago Tschechien Schluckenauer Zipfel Eisenbahnreisen

Bohemia: railcar paradise

10. - 11. April 2019

Bohemia: railcar paradise

As a pre-program to the event "Zittau: with roll wagons to the mountains" from 12th to 14th April 2019 on the Zittauer narrow gauge line we offer two days of railcar rides in the so-called "Schluckenauer Zipfel" once with "Hurvinek" and once with "Brotbüchse", both vehicles should be used with a suitable sidecar ! In addition we stay overnight again in the sleeping car train at the Czech border, this time we offer not only single compartments in the train, but also rooms in the location there. We have deliberately scheduled the appointment during the week, as there is considerably less scheduled traffic during the week in the Schluckenauer Zipfel than at the weekend, so we have considerably more time to take photos between the scheduled trains.

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No. of participants max. 26
Duration 2 days
Meals -
Price 260 €
Open for bookings Open for bookings
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At the moment the program is still in the planning stage, we ask for routes and negotiate the railcar operations. Here's the plan:

Wednesday, 10 April 2019: Photo ride with railcar M 131.1081 "Hurvinek" and sidecar.

Thursday, 11 April 2019: Photo ride with the railcar M 152.064 "Brotbuchse"" and the matching sidecar.

On friday morning the transfer to Zittau is planned (travel time by car approx. 30 minutes), where we will start our tour "with trolleys into the mountains" around noon.

With this event (with a maximum of 26 participants) we only appeal to photographers (this time exceptionally no videographers) who want to experience and photograph the classic diesel vehicles of the Czech State Railways on a professionally organised photo trip.

Why no videographers at this event: In contrast to our other tours, we often just leave the railcar in one position and take our photo. There will be very few "dummy approaches" or "passageways" that could produce moving images for the film. It would be a disappointment for videographers if we weren't honest and open about it!

We offer a selection of photos and scenes so that you are guaranteed to get "your" picture of the various diesel vehicles. We are known for organizing our photo stops in such a way that every participant in a good position can take his picture without pushing, if necessary, we also make a photo stop several times.

All participants ride on the train, on the transfer lines we "decorate" our train with orange warning vests. Because "non-payers" are undesirable on our photo trips. Only honest payers make such projects and events possible with their participation fee.

Your travel price:
both days 260 Euro, the single day costs 145 Euro each.

Our services:
Special trains on the routes described above;
Lunch and meals in the train are organized (self-payer);
Expert and experienced Tanago tour guide (German + English speaking) plus local guide.
The price does not include tips, alcoholic beverages, meals on the train, personal expenses, travel to and from the Czech Republic and accommodation on site.

Overnight stay: We have reserved a complete car of the brewery's own sleeping car train at the Kocour Pivovar Brewery in Varnsdorf, Czech Republic (directly behind the German-Czech border). From 10 April to 14 April 2019 we offer a prestigious overnight accommodation, every participant of our trips "Schluckenauer Zipfel" and "Mit Rollwagen ins Gebirge" can book a compartment for individual use for 30 € per night, or a room in the brewery inn (50 € per night), the price also includes breakfast in the restaurant of the brewery. Showers and sanitary facilities are located directly next to the hotel train. Please note your accommodation requirements on the booking form.

Please note our extensive insurance options: Tanago cooperates with HanseMerkur Insurance. Tanago offers inexpensive protection against illness, loss of valuables, travel cancellation or travel cancellation costs.

The travel planning is designed for maximum photo and video yield and therefore designed for dedicated photographers and videographers. In the morning we start early, at noon we organize catering (self-payers).

Travel options:
The official meeting point for all participants is in Varnsdorf on the German-Czech border, from where we start every morning. You can also park your car safely there.

Overnight stay:
Either in a single compartment on the train or in a single room in Varnsdorf (please fill in the booking form).